Head and Neck Tumors and Malignancies

Head and neck cancers can be among the most debilitating and devastating conditions you and your family may ever face. A cancer diagnosis often carries the fear of disfigurement, disability, and pain. By keeping up with the latest advances in medicine, and applying our vast experience in treating these conditions, we can offer the hope of successful treatment. We use various treatment modalities for tumor removal, reconstruction, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. We encourage you to seek early consultation and treatment if you have any concerns about having head or neck cancer. Success in treating these conditions often is enhanced by early diagnosis and treatment.

If you are undergoing treatment for head and neck cancer, we strongly encourage you to discontinue using tobacco products such as cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or cigars. We also strongly discourage the consumption of alcohol. The combination of cigarettes and alcohol can significantly impact the success of your treatment and may also have an effect on whether the cancer returns.

We can also help and encourage you to discontinue the use of these products.

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